Oh now you care about the homeless


I recently saw this, and similar memes making the rounds on the internet:

With thousands of shares and likes, it’s clear that this rings true to many.

For me, it felt hollow and uncaring.

Why is it that we suddenly care about ‘our’ homeless when there are also others in need?

Were you taking care of the homeless before the Executive Order and subsequent outrage?

Were they just as important to you when legal immigration and refugee services had been happening all along (because they have)?

Are resources suddenly being funneled from legal immigration & refugee efforts to our homeless children (they’re not)?

This is not a this or that. An us or them.

A life is a life.

Let’s not direct our political vitriol at the homeless, the needy, the immigrants, or refugees. Let’s help anyone we can, and hold the politicians accountable to make decisions that CAN help all those in need.

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